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Determine cumulative book awards

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Determine cumulative book awards
« on: June 06, 2013, 04:08:10 PM »
Comment from survey:

As Secretary for Trek, it would be nice to see all book awards on one screen. Not have to go back to previous years to see if a clubber is due an Excellence, Timothy or Meritorious trophy.

To see all of the book awards, go to the Awards tab.  At the top, choose Show: All Awards, Earned in Year: (All), and On Date: All Dates.  Apply a filter to the "Source" column by clicking the black down arrow in the column header and checking the box next to "book".  You can also filter the column for Club Name to show only "Trek".

Also try dragging the "Member Name" header up to the grouping area.  This will group the records for each clubber.  Expand a clubber to see all of his/her book awards. [You can see the same information on a clubber's individual Awards tab by choosing All Awards and All years, but the main award tab allows you to check multiple clubbers without opening their individual records.]  Or you can drag the Award Name column header up to the grouping area to see a list of who has already earned a Timothy award, for example.

While I hope that information is helpful, you should also be aware that AWdb can calculate the cumulative awards for you.  For information on checking the awards set up and identifying the books that count towards the cumulative award, see this post:

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