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How do I activate a member that is Archived?

Author Topic: How do I activate a member that is Archived?  (Read 49 times)


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How do I activate a member that is Archived?
« on: September 17, 2021, 12:18:33 PM »
Most of the time a member is archived because there is not a role for the person in the latest club year. To activate the person, a role needs to be created.

Step 1: locate the person.

In the Windows app (AWdbRemote), use the Search Members field in the far upper left corner (NOT Search Clubbers or Search Leaders above the grids). Type just a First Name OR a Last Name and press ENTER. You will see a list of persons with a name that matches. Open the member record for the target person.

If you have multiple people that you need to activate, you can also use the Household module to locate members. Set the Show: selector to (All Statuses). Locate a family in the list. Select a member on the right to open the member record.

[In the Web app, adjust your filter so the member is in the member list. To do this, use the Clear Filter button and then type in the First OR Last Name into the Name filter.]

Step 2: add a role record. (Ensure the latest club year is selected in the Club Year dropdown).

In the Windows app, the current roles grid is shown on the Main tab of the Member record. There won't be any records in the grid if the person is graduated or archived. Click the "New" button above that grid or double-click in the grid to open the Role dialog. Fill in the applicable information and save the record. Once a new role is created, the member will be included in the Clubber or Leader list.

[In the Web app, select the archived member in the member list. Go to the Personal tab and click the pencil to edit the record. Click the Add Role button. Fill in the applicable information and save the record.]

Note: In some situations - generally later in a club year - a member may have a role in the current club year that has been set to archived. In that case, update the role status from Archived to Active within either app.