Windows App

Download Now

Download the AWdbRemote.exe file and place it on your desktop, i.e. C:\{User}\Desktop.


  1. Click the above "Download Now" button.

  2. When prompted to Run or Save the file, select "Save".

    • If there is a "Save As" option, select that and choose your Desktop as the location.
    • If there is no prompt, the file will likely be saved automatically into the Downloads folder.
  3. Locate the AWdbRemote.exe file in your Downloads folder. Use CUT / PASTE to move it to your Desktop.


  • If you do not have a Customer ID, please sign up for the Free Trial. You will receive a customer id that can then be used to log into the downloaded Windows App.
  • Whenever you log into the Windows App, it will verify that you are running the most recent version. If an update is needed, a Download button will be shown. Click the Download button on the dialog. The new file will be placed in the same location as the previous file.
  • You should NOT have a shortcut on the Desktop that points to the file in some other location since the shortcut will no longer work when the file is replaced during an update. (Note: When the file is replaced, you will notice that it isn't in the exact location on your Desktop that it was before, but it will still be there. Simply drag it back to your preferred location.)