1 Database + 2 Apps = More Features!

Our Cloud Database includes the Web App which runs in a browser and the Windows App which runs on a Windows computer. This gives you lots of flexibility in accessing your data. Watch this video to learn about their differences and why you would use one or the other.
Web App.
This video will show you most of the Web App’s features by going through each module and describing the functionality of each page. Learn how it can streamline your club night, with leaders using phones, tablets, or computers!
Windows App.
This video will show you most of the Windows App’s features by going through some main menu options and each module. Besides learning about many of its features, you will also see an example of its powerful grid manipulations.
Web App Features

Online Registration.

Parents can easily register their child(ren) for Awana using the customized registration form you provide. The Pending registrations can then be merged and/or accepted into your list of members.
Member List Customizations.

Each user can set their personal filters and display options so they see only the members they need to work with and only the information that they care about.

Once you customize the check-in fields you use for your club, leaders can quickly check clubbers in. Points will get calculated according to your settings as items are marked.

Assign handbooks, including historical ones that can be immediately marked as completed on a past date. See at a glance all the books assigned to a clubber, along with their progress within the book. Trigger awards and see points calculated as you mark sections completed.

As a clubber's handbook section is marked as completed, the database will determine if an award is earned. If so, it will create an award record automatically and let you know what the clubber has earned. You can easily see and filter the awards earned by a clubber and mark whether or not they were received.
Personal Info.

Track robust personal details for each member such as: Names, Status, Grade, Gender, Registration, Parents, Address, Phones, Email addresses, Allergies, Medical Info, Activity Permissions, School Name, Non-parent pickups, Notes, etc.

Grouping members by families eliminates redundant data entry and makes it easy to work with all persons in a household. Changing contact information for one family member changes all household members simultaneously.
Fees & Payments.

As clubbers register and books and uniforms are assigned, fees can be automatically created according to your settings. You can enter payments as they are made, then easily see which households have an outstanding balance.
Club Reports.

During announcement time, see at a glance who has birthdays, who is visiting, and who earned awards. The filter you set to limit members shown will also be used in these reports.
Year to Date Reports.

At any point in the year, you can see the entire year's attendance, award or handbook information at a glance. See who still has awards that were never received, who completed their handbook, or which book awards need to be ordered, as examples.
User Permissions.

With lots of leaders using the app, you may want to limit how much access they have to certain features. If you don't want a user to be able to update certain data, you can allow them read-only access or totally disable the feature.
Windows App Features


Grouping members by families eliminates redundant data entry and makes it easy to work with all persons in a household. Changing contact information for one family member changes all household members simultaneously.

Preview, print or export customized reports by specifying selection criteria and selecting sorting and grouping options. Besides the wide range of formatted reports such as nametags, mailing labels, birthdays, handbook status, attendance, awards, visitors, etc., you can generate ad hoc reports via grids and export data to a variety of external file formats such as Excel, RTF, HTML, XHTML, and PDF.

Now you can always know how much inventory you have in stock and what needs to be ordered! As books, awards and uniforms are assigned to clubbers, the inventory counts for those items are reduced. If an item is low, according to your settings, you can easily identify it and add it to an order. Once an order is received, the inventory counts for those items are increased.

Unlike data on paper, you can now quickly and easily manipulate and analyze your data by sorting, filtering, grouping, printing, and exporting it using one of the many powerful grids in the Windows App. You will no longer have trouble answering questions like how many clubbers are there on each team, and are the grades and genders divided evenly; who has not said sections or attended in a while; who did not receive their awards yet; who has not paid; etc.

Having team winners and individual challenges is part of the fun at Awana! As you mark attendance and handbook sections, customized point values are awarded to clubbers and totals are calculated automatically. As clubbers use their points for prizes, you just enter how many points are spent and their total is adjusted accordingly.

Keeping track of your club's financial records will be a breeze. As clubbers register and books and uniforms are assigned, fees can be automatically created according to your settings. You can generate invoices to give to parents that have outstanding balances. As payments are made, you can mark fees as paid so that balances are adjusted. If your church gives scholarships or discounts, you can track those too!

We know there are many different ways to run an Awana club, so we give you the ability to customize the database to fit your needs and style. To name a few: selecting drop down list values, creating additional check-in categories, setting point values, determining attendance awards, saving grid layouts, editing the text for registration forms, choosing inventory and ordering options, and personalizing the interface tab positions and color.



Free for 30 days

  • 1-15 users

Tier 1

$240 per year

  • 1-15 users

Tier 2

$360 per year

  • 16-30 users

Tier 3

$480 per year

  • 31-60 users

Tier 4

$600 per year

  • 61-100 users

Tier 5

$720 per year

  • Unlimited users

What People Are Saying.

  • So far I'm loving this new application. It is so easy to use (when our internet at Church is working properly), and I can access it anywhere. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for working so hard to make it awesome!

    Patricia, Bartlett, IL
  • It is so easy to add Clubbers, register them, assign books. I was concerned about how several clubbers from one family would be linked to one household, but you thought of that too!! The support and quick response has been amazing.

    Trish, Knoxville, TN
  • I can not thank you enough for creating this for Awana clubs to use! I have had many complements on how much they love this better than the old version and so much more than Mozo. I look forward to using the program each week!

    Rachael, Eustis, FL
  • Loving all the online record keeping! My leaders are really liking the app!

    Britta, Sand Springs, OK



The AWdb Forum is a great resource for information on the Windows App. There are answers to Frequently Asked Questions, tips, training videos, as well as places to ask questions and share information with a community of other AWdb users. Note: Many, but not all, of the posts for the Legacy Database will apply to the Cloud Database's Windows App.

User Guide

You can view the AWdb Windows App User Guide in two different ways:

  • The PDF version of the User Guide is suitable for printing, but is over 300 pages so you may want to read it on-screen and only print select pages as needed. One advantage of reading on-screen is that you can use the hyperlinks within the document. If you want to download and save a copy of the PDF version, right-click the link above and select "Save target as.." and then select the folder where you want to save the file.

  • The online/HTML version has the familiar left pane navigation tool which makes it easy to expand and collapse topics and get the big-picture view of the document. You can also use the hyperlinks to jump from one topic to another quickly.


You can find answers to your questions about the Web App by looking in the Freshdesk knowledge base. There are articles and videos to help you get started or learn more about advanced features. You can also create enhancement requests, report defects or view your existing ticket status from within the Freshdesk portal.

If you're experiencing a connection issue with the app, you can check to see if we are aware of the problem by visiting our status page. This is also where you can view information about previous outages or performance issues we've experienced.