Author Topic: List handbook sections completed within a specified date range  (Read 2031 times)

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The following statement will list the Filing_Name, Book_Name, Section_Name, Req(Y/N), and Completed_Date  for all sections that were marked as completed between {starting date} and {ending date}.

Note you will need to modify the actual dates within the braces and keep the same YYYY-MM-DD format and single quotes.  Copy only the text between the dashed lines. The paragraph breaks are not important and are only used for readability.

Works with version


P.Filing_Name, B.Book_Name, S.Section_Name, S.Required, S.Completed_Date

Person P, Book B, Section S

S.Person_ID = P.Person_ID and B.Book_ID = S.Book_ID and P.Person_ID = B.Person_ID and S.Completed_Date between '2007-03-01' and '2007-03-08' and S.Completed = 'Yes'

order by
P.Filing_Name, S.Completed_Date, S.Section_Name

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