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Create an Inventory Report

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Create an Inventory Report
« on: February 03, 2020, 10:27:52 AM »
1. Click the Inventory >Items tab to display the grid of Inventory item records.
2. Hide all columns except those you specifically want to include on the report.  Note: One of the column headings is "Actual Count". This is merely a blank cell that you could use to write in your physical inventory count if you're using this as a worksheet.
3. Select to show "Items we use" so that only those items are listed.
4. Rearrange, shorten/widen columns and sort as desired.
5. Click the Preview/Print button in the toolbar to preview the output, then use the features of the preview screen to: "Fit to Page Width", "Page Setup" to change orientation (portrait or landscape), and "Format" to add a report Title. 
6. Once it looks good, click the "Print" button for a hard copy, or the "Export To PDF" to send it to someone else.