Author Topic: How to run the database directly from a flash drive  (Read 10740 times)


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How to run the database directly from a flash drive
« on: January 22, 2016, 12:41:50 PM »
This post applies only to the Legacy database.  Another option to address these situations is to switch to a Cloud database which provides access from anyplace with an internet connection and is available to multiple users at once.

Situations when it would be helpful to run directly from a flash drive:
   a. I need the database at church during club, then at home during the week; but I don't have a laptop to take back and forth.
   b. I am the main secretary and the database is on my personal laptop; but when I'm gone, the other secretary can't access the database.

If you currently have the database on the hard drive of a computer and would like to move it to a USB flash drive to begin running directly from that, there are instructions here:

This video will cover things you should be aware of when running from a flash drive:

These are the basic steps:

1. Connect the flash drive to a computer and note the assigned drive letter.  [It may be different on different computers and that is ok.]
2. Using Windows File Explorer, open the Approved Workman folder.
3. Locate the executable (ApprovedWorkman.exe). The .exe extension may not be visible; but may say 'application' or 'executable'.
4. Double click the executable to launch the database.
5. When you are finished working, exit the database.
6. Properly shut down and remove the flash drive. [Select "Safely Remove Hardware" in the task bar system tray.]
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