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Quickly find a member record

Author Topic: Quickly find a member record  (Read 1742 times)


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Quickly find a member record
« on: June 06, 2013, 02:58:46 PM »
This post is applicable in the Cloud database's Windows App as well as in the Legacy database.

Comment from the survey:

I would like to be able to type a clubber's name into a search bar and have their possible info come up for a match instead of searching through records of last names that might not match.

Tip: There is a "Search Members" field in the upper left of the main toolbar. Type part of a last name OR first name and press ENTER. There is also a "Search Clubbers" field on the Clubbers grid and a "Search Members" field on the Check-in grid.
In addition to the search feature, most major grids have an incremental search feature that works in the Name field.

For more details on locating records, see the video on working with grids:
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