Author Topic: How to get a list of Total Points earned EXCLUDING Game Time points  (Read 7799 times)

Rick Leffler

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The Achievement Report includes Game Time point values, so if you need a list of all clubbers and their total earned points EXCLUDING Game Points, you can use the SQL workbench for this.

Copy the entire block of text below and paste it into the SQL workbench and then click the Run SQL button. 


select Person.Filing_Name, Person_Session.Club_Name, sum (Person_Session.Points) - sum(Person_Session.Game_Points) as "Total non-game Points"  from Person, Person_Session
where Person.Member_Type = 'Clubber' and Person.Status = 'Active' and Person.Person_ID = Person_Session.Person_ID and Person_Session.Club_Year = '2011-2012' Group by Person.Filing_Name


a) Sorting: You can click the Total Points column header to sort the data in ASCENDING order based on points. A Second click of the Total Points column header will sort again in DESCENDING order, which means you'll see a list of clubbers in order of the HIGHEST to LOWEST point values.  If you want to go back to sorting alphabetically based on Filing_Name, just click that column header.

b) Filtering: You can use the column filtering feature to limit records only to a specific club name

c) Grouping: You can drag the Club Name column header into the area above the grid and the records will be grouped by Club Name

d) Report Title: Add something in this field and it will be used as the report title when you preview/print to get your ad-hoc report output.

e) Preview/Print:  You can make many adjustments to the page orientation in the preview screen before you print.

Let us know how this works for you.