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Handbook Percentages for ALL books
« on: April 18, 2012, 11:55:22 PM »
The updates Rick made to the Current Handbook Status Summary report in are great for analysis & have really come in handy.  But at this point, I wanted it ordered by Percent Complete.  And the Clubber list is slightly lacking because it only shows Primary Handbooks & I needed to see if any handbooks were completed within this club year even if it's not their Primary.

So, the results of this sql statement will be passed around to our leaders to see if anyone below 70% is planning to cram in order to finish their book this year.  Thought someone else might find it useful too...

select Person.Filing_Name, Book.Book_Name, Book.Percent_Complete
from Person, Role, Book 
where Person.Person_ID = Book.Person_ID and Person.Person_ID = Role.Person_ID and Role.IsPrimary=True and Role.Club_Name='T&T' and Role.Club_Year='2011-2012'  and Book.IsEntranceBooklet=False and (Book.Completed_Date>'2011-09-01' or Book.Completed='No') and Person.Member_Type='Clubber' order by Book.Percent_Complete desc

Note, I hardcoded some dates and also 'T&T' as the Club_Name, so you may want to change those!
Sherri Meadows
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