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Leader Linked Emails, Phones
« on: October 24, 2011, 01:56:31 PM »
I was asked to create a Leader email list for the Commander and Directors to use. I came to the realization that the normal gather email function would not do what I wanted. This only pulls the family Primary email addresses and was frequently missing the actual intended Leader. As we progress, I am finding that many Leaders have different email addresses and also want duplicate communication to their work email, etc. Here is an SQL that pulls the Leader Linked Email(s) and Phone(s). This will require that you audit and edit your leader contact records to "Link" the desired email or phone number to the Leader member name. To do this, open the E-contacts for the Leader and select their name in the Member Link drop down. You will need to do this for all you leader records and make it a habit to do this also when you create new leaders. The resulting grid from the SQL will give you options to Filter, Sort, Group like all the other grids can. You can then apply a filter to the “Type” column to show only E-Mail if you want just that.  You can also filter out Active/Inactive leaders if needed. After export to XLS, you can then select and paste the addresses into emails as you need. I use this almost every week now.

select Person.Filing_Name "Leader Name", Person.Status, Role.Club_Name "Club Name", Communication.Type,

Communication.Display_As "Linked Phone/Email Address"

from Person, Role   

Left Join Communication on Communication.Person_ID = Person.Person_ID

where Person.Member_Type='Leader' and Person.Person_ID = Role.Person_ID and Role.IsPrimary=True and Role.Club_Year='2011-2012'

order by Filing_Name

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