Author Topic: Is it necessary to enter completed books on clubbers transferring in?  (Read 1865 times)

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We have several clubbers who are transferring from another club (which is not running this year) to ours. I have a pdf of their transcripts (handbook & award history). Do I need to manually select the books they have completed and check each section box individually so that they will show as complete, or is there an easier way to get their records up to date?
And, is it even necessary for that information to be in one database for any potential college scholarships (which would be my only reason for doing it)?  Or are the transcripts sufficient evidence of the books that were completed at another club?

In this case I'd recommend only assigning "historical" books relevant to grades 3-12 as those are the ones that count toward the cumulative book awards (Excellence, Challenge, etc).  If those books are in AWdb, then as the clubber progresses in your club the correct cumulative book awards will be triggered. 

How to enter historical books quickly:

Open the clubber's Member Record and click the Handbook tab. From here you can easily assign a book and then mark it "Done" by clicking the "Done" checkbox in the handbook grid. You do NOT have to mark all the individual sections. You will be prompted to select the date the book was completed. If you know that date it would be wise to use it, especially if it is prior to the current club year because you wouldn't want the clubber to get credit for an old book in the current club year.

Tip: Notice the "Entry Mode" field in the handbook toolbar. Select "History" mode instead of the default value of "Normal". When you click the Assign Handbook button, no fees or inventory records will be affected.

If you have a partially completed book, select "Speed" mode. In the "use date of" field select the date of the book's last completed section. Now, scroll to the last completed section and mark it done. All sections from the beginning of the book to the one you selected will be marked as "Done". You don't have to click them all!
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