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Tracking Donations
« on: September 21, 2010, 06:48:17 PM »
Note: This post only applies to the Legacy database!

In the past when someone handed us a $20 or $50 as a gift to help where needed, we just deleted or waived the clubber fee(s) as we saw fit. But that really wasn't good accounting  ::) With the addition of the Ledger in Awdb, we are now able to track our expenses and payments within Awdb so much better than before. So now I get a $500 gift the other week  :o praise the Lord, and I wanted to be able to track how it was applied to needy clubbers.

So....not knowing how else to do this in Awdb, I created a CLUB member so I would have somewhere to make the payments from Scholarship Funds. Maybe some one has a simpler way to do this? I posted the $500 as a payment in our FBC Awana "leader" Ledger and it went into Unapplied Payments. So now when I waive a clubber's fee, I open this account and make a payment from the Scholarship Fund, which keeps a current balance of the Fund. I know this is lengthy, but I am going to paste some instructions I made for our secretary to go by.

1. Charge the CLUBBER for the FEE(s)
<<<Important>>> If you charge for a Handbook not already assigned to the clubber, the computer will ask if you want to assign that book, always say YES to that. That doesn't make it the Primary book, just a current.
2. Write down the clubber name with item number of the fee(s) for later step...
3. Waive the Fee(s) of the clubber(s) from the Household Ledger. Close the clubber file.
4. OPEN FBC Awana's Ledger
5. Create the same fee for FBC Awana as you did the clubber...
<<<Important>>> If you charge for a Handbook, the computer will ask if you want to assign that book to FBC Awana, always say NO to that.
6. Select New In Dig. Enter the item number (saved from Step 2)
7. Adjust date received if needed
8. VERY Important::::::: in the NOTE area, put name of clubber that this is for.
9. Save and Close the payment window
10. Now...Click Unapplied Payments, (if the $500 pmt is not active, click it once to select)
11. Click "USE the payment amount" (the balance of the $500 should be in pmt window at top now)
12. Select  "ONLY to the fee(s) selected below"
13. Check the appropiate fee box(es) and POST the payment.
14. Now look in the PAYMENTS for 2010-2011 view and click the + beside the $500 donation...
15. You will see each item paid for by the Scholarship Fund with the clubber listed in NOTES column.

If you are still reading this  ;) maybe you know a simpler way or like me, just wanting a way to track donations within AWdb.
As an after thought, I should have named the <new member> account "Club Treasury" ?  ;D
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