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How to move the database
« on: March 26, 2008, 05:21:43 PM »
This video only applies to the Legacy database!

If you need to put the database on a different computer, the solution is to MOVE it.  You do not need to download anything to the new computer. You will simply MOVE everything FROM its current location TO the new location. Here are some examples:

1) Purchase of a new computer - move FROM the old computer TO the new one
2) Switch from using the database on a personal computer to a church computer - move FROM personal computer TO church computer
3) Transfer database to a new secretary - move FROM your computer TO the new secretary's computer
4) Switch from using the database on a computer to a running from a flash drive - move FROM computer TO flash drive

WARNING!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL TO THE NEW COMPUTER and try to restore a backup into that.  This may corrupt your data.

***Here is a video demonstrating how to MOVE your database:***

Warning! Before following the instructions in the video, please read the Special Circumstance below to see if you should follow an alternate process.

Summary of process:

Use Windows File Explorer to "cut" the Approved Workman folder from the current location and "paste" it to a USB flash drive. Then take the flash drive to the new computer and cut/paste the Approved Workman folder to the new location. You can use copy/paste, but be aware that doing so leaves a copy of the database on the old computer.  After you have verified that the database has been moved successfully to the USB and/or new computer, you should delete the copy on the original computer to avoid confusion.

NOTE: There is an exception to this basic process, so please review the Special Circumstance; then see the specific Instructions below for more details.

Things you should know BEFORE you move your database:

1. The path to your Approved Workman folder.  Launch the database.  At the log-in screen, note the Local Data Path at the bottom.  (Once you log in, this information is located in the lower left corner of the main application window.)  Your path should end in ….\Approved Workman\Data. Warning!! If you do not see the …\Approved Workman\Data file structure, please contact customer support for assistance.
2. The AWdb icon on your desktop should be a SHORTCUT. [You should see a little white arrow on it.] Warning!! If your executable is on your desktop, it needs to be moved to the Approved Workman folder prior to moving the database.  If you have concerns about this, please contact customer support for assistance.
If you are running WINDOWS Vista, 7, 8, or 10 AND your Approved Workman folder is located anywhere under C:\Program Files\....  then you CAN NOT simply copy the Approved Workman folder as described in the summary.  Instead, you will need to BACKUP your database, then RESTORE it to the new computer.  For instructions, see this post (scenario 2):   

INSTRUCTIONS to move Awdb from a computer to a flash drive:
For all WINDOWS XP users; and
Vista, 7, 8, or 10 users when the Approved Workman folder is NOT under C:\Program Files\...

1. Connect your flash drive and note the drive letter. ("E", "F", or "G" for example)
2. If you are logged in to the database, Exit the database.
3. Open Windows File Explorer.
4. Locate the Approved Workman folder.
5. With focus on the Approved Workman folder, right-click and select 'Cut' from the pop-up menu.
6. Locate and select the drive letter that represents the flash drive.
7. With focus on the flash drive destination, right-click and select 'Paste' from the pop-up menu.
8. When the transfer completes, there should be an Approved Workman folder on the flash drive.  Inside that folder should be a DATA folder and a few other files.
9. Use the proper method to safely shut down and remove your flash drive. [Select "Safely Remove Hardware" in your task bar system tray.]

For instructions on running the database from a flash drive, please see this post:

INSTRUCTIONS to move Awdb from a flash drive to a computer:

1. Connect the flash drive to the destination computer and note the drive letter.  [It may be a different letter than was used by a previous computer and that is ok.]
2. Open Windows File Explorer.
3. Locate the letter representing the flash drive.
4. Under that, select the Approved Workman folder.
5. With focus on the Approved Workman folder, right-click and select 'cut' from the pop-up menu.
6. Decide where you would like the database to be located on the new computer.
   a. For Windows XP, you can use "My Documents" or the root of local disk C:
   b. For Vista and newer, you may use the "Documents" folder, or the {Personal} folder with your name, but DO NOT select the Program Files folder
7. Select the folder representing your desired location.
8. With focus on that folder, right-click and select 'paste' from the pop-up menu.

When the transfer is complete, you should see the Approved Workman folder in the new location.  To launch the program, double click on the executable in the Approved Workman folder.  Warning!! Do not move this executable to the desktop. You can create a shortcut for the desktop that points to the executable.  For instructions and a video on how to create a shortcut, please see this post:
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