Author Topic: Why isn't a clubber/leader showing up for Check-in?  (Read 4374 times)


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Why isn't a clubber/leader showing up for Check-in?
« on: February 15, 2022, 11:59:23 AM »
This post only applies to the Legacy database!

Questions: I have 3 kids who were not coming back to club this year (moving away, etc); but now they are back. I changed their status from inactive to active and assigned them a team; but, when I click the Check-in tab to record attendance, they are not listed.  Any ideas?

I have a problem getting 3 leaders that were archived, reassigned to a club, and made active to show up on the Check-In worksheet. I have this problem for one other new leader also. I have made sure that the "primary" box is checked. Why aren't they showing up?


When clubbers or leaders do not show up on the Check-in List grid or in the Check-in and Progress Report Worksheet, it is because they have no Session records (weekly attendance records). To fix this:

Open their individual Member record and be sure there is a valid Club Name. Then click the Attendance tab. If you do not see records, click SAVE and they will be created. If you see wrong records (i.e., the wrong Club Name), then right-click and select the popup menu item to delete all session records for the selected club. Then click SAVE and the correct set of session records will be created based on a valid club name on the main tab.

If the Session records are still not showing, go to Admin > Database Utilities and run the Optimize procedure. This will create any missing session records as long as there is a Club Name assigned.
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