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What are the "w/Start Zone" books?

Author Topic: What are the "w/Start Zone" books?  (Read 381 times)


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What are the "w/Start Zone" books?
« on: September 30, 2020, 11:53:19 AM »
Question: What is the difference between the "Discovery of Grace" book and the "Discovery of Grace w/Start Zone" book?

[Note: all information also applies to the AW Legacy database.]

Answer: For all of the newer T&T books, awards are give when 4 sections are completed. For the 32 sections that result in the 8 awards, 2 are in the Start Zone and 30 are in the main handbook.  Awana indicates that completion of the Start Zone is required before beginning work in the main handbook. Therefore, when 2 sections are completed in the main handbook (i.e. Discovery of Grace), it is assumed the 2 Start Zone sections have already been completed and the first award triggers.

We heard from clubs that said it was not uncommon for a clubber to work in the main handbook before completing the entrance book, so the award that triggered after 2 sections in the main handbook was not accurate since the 2 Start Zone sections had not actually been completed.

We also heard that it would be easier to assign one book that included the Start Zone sections instead of assigning a separate Start Zone.

The result was the new "w/Start Zone" versions of the books.  These books have 32 sections - the 2 Start Zone sections and the 30 main handbook sections.  The first award will trigger after any 4 sections are completed without consideration of it being a Start Zone section or a section in the main handbook.

If I use the "w/Start Zone" version, will my inventory counts be updated correctly? Yes. If the option to reduce inventory is used, the inventory count will be reduced for the Start Zone's inventory record that matches the translation of the main handbook.  (i.e. if "Discovery of Grace w/Start Zone - ESV" is assigned, the "Mission: Discovery of Grace - ESV" inventory qty in stock will be reduced as well as the qty in stock for the "T&T Start Zone Entrance Booklet - ESV".)

Should I use the "w/Start Zone" version? The decision to assign a separate Start Zone along with the main handbook or to use the "w/Start Zone" version is dependent on how your club is run.  Here are some considerations:

1. If you always require completion of the Start Zone, you can assign the separate Start Zone and main handbook and not have any issues with the award triggering.

2. If you do not require completion of the Start Zone, or a clubber begins working in the main handbook first, use the "w/Start Zone" version so it accurately counts 4 sections before triggering the first award. Caution: if you don't actually give the clubber the handbook, be careful about options for creating fees and reducing inventory.

3. Example: at the beginning of the year, for returning clubbers who are likely to complete the Start Zone sections and continue on to the main handbook (who have probably already purchased the main handbook), assign the "w/Start Zone" version with the appropriate inventory reduction and fee creation.

4. Example: for a visitor who may only come once or twice, assign the Start Zone by itself. Then, if the clubber does complete it and is ready to begin work in the main handbook, assign the original version of the main handbook at that time.

Do all my clubbers need to use the same version of the book? No. You can assign the "w/Start Zone" version to some clubbers and assign separate Start Zones and handbooks to others based on the situation. Just keep in mind the implications for the different way the sections are counted for awards.
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