Author Topic: How does the Windows App get updated?  (Read 2399 times)


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How does the Windows App get updated?
« on: December 03, 2019, 11:21:09 AM »
This post only applies to the Cloud database!

Question: How does the updating process work for the Windows App?

Answer: When there is an update available, a download button will be given immediately after logging in. When it is clicked, the old exe will be replaced with the newer one and the log in screen will be launched again.

The update process works best when the executable (AWdbRemote.exe) is on the desktop. Do NOT run the exe from the downloads folder or create a shortcut that points to the exe. (For help downloading the exe, see this post:

Note: the new exe will likely not be in the same spot on the desktop as the old one; but it will be there. Just move it back to where you like it.

The update cannot be skipped. It should be a simple process and only take an extra minute. If you experience trouble and this post doesn't help resolve it, please contact us so we can help!
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