Author Topic: Using SQL to update Inventory "sell price" to nearest $.50/$1 increment  (Read 5324 times)


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There is a very old reply on how to do this (see below).  I am wondering if this will still work for the latest version of AWdb? 

The following SQL will round the Sell_Price up to the next even $0.50 or $1.00 increment.  For example, an item with a Sell_Price of $0.34 becomes $0.50   and an item with a Sell_Price of $21.99 becomes $22.00 

Again, please run the Backup Utility BEFORE you run any SQL statements that modify data.

                     Update Inventory set Sell_Price = ROUND((Sell_Price)/ .5,0)* .5

(This works with all versions through at least

4/12/19 - this still works! akj
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