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Can I import data from another system into AWdb?

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Can I import data from another system into AWdb?



Can I import a CSV file or something with all of the clubbers contact info instead of having to do it one by one initially?  This would make the initial set up much faster.

We use an on-line registration process. Can I get that data into AWdb?


Yes. Here is an overview of the import capabilities.

Scenarios: the Data Import procedure allows data to be imported for two scenarios:

1.   Initial Data Load - designed for those who are just getting started with AWdb to populate an empty database after purging the sample data and running the New Year Setup.

2.   Online Registration - designed for established clubs to add or update existing records with a data file from an online registration website. In this scenario each person record is compared against existing records. If a match is found (based on First Name + Last Name + Birthdate), then the existing record will be updated versus adding a new record. Also in the registration scenario, all incoming clubber records will be set to Active and Registered and the Fee for the annual dues will be created.

File Types:
Data may be imported from an "Excel 97-2003 workbook (.xls)" file format, a .CSV, or a .TXT file.  If using a .CSV or .TXT file, the structure must include the column header names in the first row, with data in subsequent rows, and each column header and data cell must be separated (delimited) by a comma or a TAB.  If using a comma delimited file, any cell containing a comma as part of the data must be enclosed in quotation marks. If using an Excel file format, be sure to remove formulae and column formatting before loading the file in Step 1.

The type of data that may be imported is limited. For example, a person's name and contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and parent names), birthdate, grade, gender, school, church, and allergies and such may be imported, but data related to attendance or handbooks cannot be imported and must be entered manually after the import process has completed.


To run the Data Import procedure, go to Admin > Database Utilities and select the Data Import Button. The Introduction tab includes detailed notes about the procedure.  Please read these carefully.  The additional tabs are the specific steps for the procedure:

Step 1 - select the source file
Step 2 - map the fields
Step 3 - select the scenario and options
Step 4 - run the procedure


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