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How can I get my inventory to reduce for the leader service pins?

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How can I get my inventory to reduce for the leader service pins?


Question: Is there a way to "award" leaders their service pins so that it will reduce my inventory?

Answer: Service pins are not created as "awards", so do not automatically reduce the inventory.  The service record is created, and the service pin checkbox is marked when the attendance criteria is met (Admin > Awards > Leadership Service Awards).  The number of service years is also increased.

In order to reduce your inventory, you would need to create an actual award. Here is a way to do this quickly:

* On the main Leader grid, hide any columns you do not need, then group your leaders by Service Pin Yrs.
* Expand the records for one of the years.
* Select the first leader and open the member record (position it so you can still see your list).
* On the leader record, click the Awards tab, then click Create a new award.  Complete the dialog for the relevant service pin award.
* Click the "Same Award New Member" button.  Use the list from the Leaders grid to select the next leader name in the list.
* Continue through the list for that pin.
* Save and Close the last one.  Expand the records for another service pin year and repeat. [See screen shot below.]

If you don't want to create the award records, you can use the totals from the Leader grid to manually reduce inventory (6-yr service pins: reduce by 6).


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