Author Topic: How do I change the list of handbooks available to assign?  (Read 3708 times)


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How do I change the list of handbooks available to assign?
« on: April 29, 2015, 02:12:16 PM »
This post is applicable in the Cloud database's Windows App as well as in the Legacy database.

Question: I have a Sparks clubber that finished HangGlider and needs to move to WingRunner. However, when I choose to see all Sparks books "in use," the only option that comes up is WingRunner Frequent Flyer.  It also does not show as an option when I select ALL books "in use."  I can only find it after I scroll through all the books that include the obsolete ones. Is there a way we can change this to list the books being used by our club?

Why can't I get the AppleSeed book to come up as an option for my cubbies this year? How do I go around this and get these handbooks assigned?

Answer: The most common reason a handbook does not show up in the initial list of available books is because it is not marked as "in use".  Go to Admin > Curriculum (for Windows App: Admin > System Settings > Curriculum).  Locate the relevant book (WingRunner) and Open the Handbook record. Set the relevant "in use" status for the individual translations.

Also be aware of the translation filter on the grid of the handbook assignment dialog. It defaults to the individual member's translation preference (as shown on the member record's Misc tab). Usually this will be the Club's default translation (like ESV). However, there may be a clubber that uses a different version (NIV). The filter will limit selection to only "in use" NIV books for that clubber. If ESV is the only translation marked as "in use", then the correct books will not initially appear in the list. For this situation, also set the NIV translation as "in use".  Or, if the expected books don't show initially, check the member's translation preference on the Misc. tab to be sure it is correct.

Tip: if you set the Translations filter to show (All), a translation column will be included in the grid to help identify the proper book.
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