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Is my inventory reduced when I mark an award as received?

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Is my inventory reduced when I mark an award as received?


Question: Can anyone tell me how to get the inventory to reduce when I hand out an award?  When I mark that I have given an award, it's not reducing my inventory.  I have checked the box that says to reduce inventory.

Details: Our kids receive awards the following week. So, we uncheck the received box each week, and then the following week when the award is given, we check it off as received. Can it not be done this way?

Answer: Assuming you have the automatic inventory reduction feature turned on (Admin > Options > Inventory and Ordering), each time an Award record is CREATED (not to be confused with marked as received) the corresponding Inventory Item record (based on the Item Number) has its "Qty in Stock" value decreased.

Thus, when you are working on the Awards list and selecting one or more Award records in order to mark them as Received... this action does NOT alter the Inventory item's Qty in Stock because it was already decreased when the Award was CREATED.

Note: You can change the default value of the "Award was Received" checkbox that you see in the Award Message Dialog (what you see when an Award is triggered after marking sections) under Admin > Options > Misc.  In your case I would clear this checkbox so you don't have to remember to constantly clear it as you're doing data-entry. Once the Award is actually handed over to the clubber, you can mark it as received by selecting it from the main Awards list grid.  Don't forget you can do multi-select on that Awards list grid for faster updating.


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