Author Topic: Is my inventory reduced when I mark an award as received?  (Read 4025 times)


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Is my inventory reduced when I mark an award as received?
« on: March 13, 2015, 01:25:57 PM »
This post is applicable in the Cloud database's Windows App as well as in the Legacy database.

Question: Can anyone tell me how to get the inventory to reduce when I hand out an award?  When I mark that I have given an award, it's not reducing my inventory.  I have checked the box that says to reduce inventory.

Details: Our kids receive awards the following week. So, we uncheck the received box each week, and then the following week when the award is given, we check it off as received. Can it not be done this way?

Answer: The Inventory item's "Qty in Stock" value is decreased when an Award record is CREATED, not when it is marked as Received. So, marking awards as Received will NOT alter the quantity in stock because it was already decreased when the Award was CREATED.

Note: In this situation, it would be best to change the default value of the "Award was Received" checkbox that shows in the Award Message Dialog (that pops up when an Award is triggered after marking sections). Go to Admin > Options > Misc. (In the Windows App: Admin > System Settings > Options > Misc.)   In this case, clear the checkbox for "Award was Received" to eliminate the step of clearing it during data-entry. Once the Award is given to the clubber, then mark it Received. [Don't forget about the ability to multi-select on the main Awards list grid that allows for fast updating!]
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