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Make a Sign-in Sheet

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Make a Sign-in Sheet
« on: June 13, 2013, 02:09:22 PM »
Comment from survey:

I think the idea of a sign in sheet by club would be great!!


For a basic sign-in sheet, try using the Check-in and Progress Report Worksheet.  Use the "select visible columns" button on the bottom left, then uncheck the columns you do not want.  (You do have to choose at least one - maybe grade, or team color).  You may then choose to group by Club Name.  Under "info to display to the right of the check in categories, choose "Other - ..." and use a column heading of "SIGN IN".

For a check-out sheet, you can use the Household and Member ID List Report. Under "Info to display to the right of the member names", provide a Heading (such as SIGN OUT) and choose if you would like a blank line for a signature or a checkbox.
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