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Track leader birthdays

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Track leader birthdays
« on: June 12, 2013, 03:03:39 PM »
Comment from survey:

For us it would be helpful to be able to enter the birthday of our leaders, so we could print out a listing of their birthdays in order to send them a birthday card.

Tip: You can track birthdates for the leaders and print out a report.  On the Main tab of the Leader's record, there is a field to enter the birth date.  Then use the Birthday Report, select Member Type = Leader, and select the date range and sorting options.  Note: the date years are ignored and you may choose to not show ages.

You can also print labels to send the cards.  Use the Mailing Labels Report, select "Leaders Only", then use the option to "include only names checked in the following list" to identify those listed on your birthday report.
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