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Export to Excel

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Export to Excel
« on: June 12, 2013, 03:01:51 PM »
Comments from survey:

We need to export the reports to excel.  My leaders want to use the info for van check in and out lists and other things. I would also like to customize a report and export it to excel.

When I export data for printing clubbers names, I would like 2 fields, one for first name, one for last name. Then I can sort and print anything in excel. Maybe that's already available. Don't know.

I would like the ability to export reports to pc.

I need reports in Excel format.

I would prefer reports in Excel rather than PDF, so that I can use the data as I wish.

Tip:  You can customize the data in the grids by hiding, re-sizing, and rearranging columns as well as grouping and filtering.  See this post for more information on hiding columns:

To have separate fields for the first and last names, hide the "Filing Name" column and show the "First Name" and "Last Name" columns before exporting the grid.

When you have the grid the way you want it, you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.  From any of the major grids, locate the Grid button on the far right of the toolbar. (It looks like a gear and has a black down arrow next to it.)  Click the down arrow and then you can choose "Export" to bring up the Data export dialog box.  You will be able to select the output format, the folder location for the file and the name of the file.

You may also export the formal reports to Excel (or pdf or other formats).  From the report dialog, click "print". At the bottom of the print dialog, check the box to "print to file", then select the type and where to save it.  Keep in mind that this does not print the raw data. It prints the formal report format which is designed for the printed page.  If you are not able to generate the information you need directly from the grids to export to Excel, please let us know what the specific task is that you are trying to accomplish.  We may be able to help you find a way to accomplish your task, or work on an enhancement to meet your desired goal.
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