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Customize the Check-in grid and the Check-in & Progress Report

Author Topic: Customize the Check-in grid and the Check-in & Progress Report  (Read 1643 times)


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Comments from the survey about the Check-in grid:

I would like the check in screen to show name and other check-in information only so it is the entire screen instead of being smaller since we are using a laptop and the screen isn't large.

I would like to have only the columns showing that I use weekly on the check in page. Right now there seems to be 10-15 and I only need attendance, uniform, bible, book, visitor & a space for special events.

Tip:  You can customize the check-in grid to show only what you use for your club.  To do this, you should hide the columns that you do not need.  For information on hiding columns, see this post:

After hiding the columns you don't use, you may resize the columns that you have left.  When you have the grid the way you want it, be sure to "save the current grid layout" (click the icon that looks like a gear with a drop down arrow next to it).

While you can hide columns that you don't need and resize the columns, it will not increase the size of the font, rows or check boxes.  This capability is in the list of enhancements.

Comment from the survey about the Check-in and Progress Report:

I would like to remove more columns or add columns with custom titles on the check-in report.

Tip: You can remove any columns that you do not need from the Check-in and Progress Report.  Use the "Select Visible Columns" button on the bottom left of the Report dialog.  Uncheck all columns that you do not need.  If you do not want the current book and last section completed info to display, on the main report dialog under "info to display to the right of the check in categories, choose "other.." You may then create a custom heading, or leave it blank.  For information on customizing the columns and headers, see this post:

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