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How can we do pre-registration and print forms before the current year ends?

Author Topic: How can we do pre-registration and print forms before the current year ends?  (Read 3121 times)

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This post only applies to the Legacy database! For Cloud databases, contact customer support for assistance.

Question: I want to have an early pre-registration for next club year before our current club year ends. How can I print the pre-filled Registration Forms based on the upcoming club year?

Answer: The Registration Form's report dialog indicates the New Year Setup should be run first before running the report for a new club year. This is so the form will display the new club year heading and use the new school grades and club assignments. The New Year Setup procedure handles the promotions. However, the New Year Setup should NOT BE RUN on your LIVE DATA until the current club year is COMPLETED.

  • Run a backup and then exit the database.
  • COPY the Approved Workman FOLDER and PASTE it into a different folder or drive (e.g. on a USB flash drive).
  • Run the approvedworkman.exe located in the Approved Workman folder on THAT COPY. On the login screen, look at the bottom of the dialog to make sure the Datapath is NOT to your live data, but rather points to the copy. Then, log in - to the copy - and run the New Year Setup. Print the needed Registration Forms.
  • When done, be sure to delete the COPY of the database.
  • After the current club year ends, run the "real" New Year Setup on your live data.
Note: If the new club year value (e.g. "2022-2023") isn't available, add it under Admin > Generic Lookups. Be sure to enter the correct Logical Order value!
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