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SQL Workbench / Re: Missing awards query
« Last post by Rick Leffler on April 29, 2022, 09:26:05 AM »
The following query will list any persons with a completed book for which there is no corresponding book-level award. Note: This applies ONLY to the LEGACY desktop version (not the cloud version).  Depending on when you run this, you may need to adjust the dates of course.

select p.filing_name, b.book_name, b.completed_date
from person p, book b
where p.person_id = b.person_id
and b.completed = 'Yes' and completed_date > '2021-8-1'
and book_id not in (select book_id from award where award_source = 'Book' and date_earned > '2021-8-1')
SQL Workbench / Missing awards query
« Last post by Donzo on April 28, 2022, 11:57:10 AM »
I'm looking for a query to identify awards that were not generated.

Videos / Other Cloud Database Videos
« Last post by Annette on March 25, 2022, 09:23:14 AM »
Our Cloud Database includes a Web App and a Windows App.

Because of its similarity to the Legacy database, videos and information about the Windows App can be found here on the forum.

Videos and information about the Web App can be found at our AWdb Cloud Database Support site:
Announcements / Forum Layout Changes
« Last post by Annette on March 24, 2022, 10:26:04 AM »
The AWdb Forum was originally created for the Legacy database - to ask and answer questions, report bugs, suggest enhancements, and share ideas. It's been a valuable resource for our Approved Workman user community for many years. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!

With the addition of the AW Cloud database, we added new boards for those same topics to be handled for the Cloud Database. What we found is that many of the posts on the forum relate to BOTH the Legacy database and the Cloud database's Windows App and we needed a better way to organize the information.

With that in mind, we will be consolidating the postings into a single set of Boards (FAQs, Tips, Q&A, etc.) instead of splitting them between Legacy and Cloud. Posts will have a notice indicating the product/s to which the topic applies. To quickly tell which product a post discusses, we will be updating the icons to indicate the post is for:

  The Cloud Database only

  The Legacy Database only

  Both Databases

We hope that these changes help you better navigate the resources of the forum!

Best regards,
The AWdb Support Team
Rick, Sherri, Annette
FAQs / Why isn't a clubber/leader showing up for Check-in?
« Last post by Annette on February 15, 2022, 11:59:23 AM »
This post only applies to the Legacy database!

Questions: I have 3 kids who were not coming back to club this year (moving away, etc); but now they are back. I changed their status from inactive to active and assigned them a team; but, when I click the Check-in tab to record attendance, they are not listed.  Any ideas?

I have a problem getting 3 leaders that were archived, reassigned to a club, and made active to show up on the Check-In worksheet. I have this problem for one other new leader also. I have made sure that the "primary" box is checked. Why aren't they showing up?


When clubbers or leaders do not show up on the Check-in List grid or in the Check-in and Progress Report Worksheet, it is because they have no Session records (weekly attendance records). To fix this:

Open their individual Member record and be sure there is a valid Club Name. Then click the Attendance tab. If you do not see records, click SAVE and they will be created. If you see wrong records (i.e., the wrong Club Name), then right-click and select the popup menu item to delete all session records for the selected club. Then click SAVE and the correct set of session records will be created based on a valid club name on the main tab.

If the Session records are still not showing, go to Admin > Database Utilities and run the Optimize procedure. This will create any missing session records as long as there is a Club Name assigned.
FAQs / How do I handle overpayments?
« Last post by Annette on February 15, 2022, 11:18:12 AM »
This post is applicable in the Cloud database's Windows App as well as in the Legacy database.

Questions: There are unapplied payments showing as I try to register children and clean up records, but they are just errors. How do I "undo" them?! Is it possible to delete "old" (from a previous club year) unapplied payments?

What do I do when a family has overpaid (either because we at registration calculated the amount wrong or because they paid for something in advance that their child never needed) and I have to refund part of the payment?  Usually I end up with the amount in "unapplied payments" but I don't know what to do with it.  I have to refund the overpayment in cash from a future night (whether or not the initial payment was made by check or cash), which doesn't allow me to match the database receipts with our church's receipts.  I wish there was some way to enter a negative payment or to indicate that the money was refunded.  Then the family's balance would be zero instead of showing an unapplied payment.  Has anyone else found a way to handle this?


You generally shouldn't delete an Unapplied Payment amount, because an Unapplied Payment represents money left over (unspent) from a real Payment. However, there are a couple of options for cleaning up those old payments.

In the case of a small overpayment when a parent doesn't want the extra back, use the unapplied amount as a donation: on the Household Ledger > Unapplied Payments tab, there is a toolbar button (and also a popup menu item) to apply the selected unapplied payment amount as a donation. This will automatically create a Fee record in Inventory using "Donation" as the Item Number (if it doesn't exist), create the 'donation' fee for the household and credit the unapplied amount to the 'donation' fee.

Sometimes the unapplied amounts are duplicates. Review the date of payments and other details, like a check number. If there is a payment that was applied that matches a payment that is unapplied, the unapplied payment can be deleted in this situation. (Note: if there is one that looks like a duplicate, but part of each payment is applied, please contact support for assistance.)

In the case where an overpayment was made that needs to be refunded, there a couple of options:

Delete the original payment and repost a new one for the smaller amount. This works if there is no need to know the original payment & the amount refunded. Many clubs only need to know that all items have been paid for, in which case, this is an adequate solution. Optionally, a Note can be entered with the new payment about the original amount and refund amount.

Another option is to create a Refund fee. First, create a "refund fee" inventory item. Adjust the amount each time you add the 'fee' to a specific household. This will take care of extra amounts and zero out the household balance. For example, a $16 payment for a $12 uniform would have a $4 refund. The ledger will show the family paid $16 and bought two items (a uniform and a refund).

NOTE: for assistance with any of these solutions, or to address unique situations, please contact support. We can help get old data cleaned up so it doesn't get in the way of your current recordkeeping.
FAQs / How do I fix points or percentages that seem off?
« Last post by Annette on February 15, 2022, 10:23:23 AM »
This post only applies to the Legacy database!

Example situations/questions:

If we changed the points for clubbers, how do we get the program to recalculate the totals?

Sometimes the percent of handbook completion doesn't update. A Sparks book is showing 20%, but only has one unfinished section. How do I get it to update?

In the check-in grid, there is one clubber where the total sections and points aren't calculating. What do I do?

I have two clubbers showing a few thousand points they didn't earn on the first night of club. I know it's from old handbook data entered with incorrect dates. I've fixed the dates, but the points are still showing. How do I get rid of those points?

The Achievement report isn't including some extra credit sections for one of my clubbers.


Anytime the math seems off, go to the main toolbar and select Tools > Recalculate Total Points.  This can be run for All Members or for a specific member by selecting from the dropdown list which is populated with Active Members names.
FAQs / How do I add themes for club nights?
« Last post by Annette on February 15, 2022, 09:59:35 AM »
This post is applicable in the Cloud database's Windows App as well as in the Legacy database.

Question: How do I add the names of the themes to different club nights?

Answer: Under Admin > Club Setup > Club Calendars...    expand the node for a base club, for example, "Awana", to show all the weeks for that club. Type in the cells to enter Themes (as well as Offering Fund, or a Note related to the calendar or theme night). Once information is entered for one club, that work may be transferred to the other clubs using the "Copy Themes" button.

On the Copy Themes dialog, select the club to copy from, which items to include in the copy process, and the destination club name(s) and then click the Copy button.

Note: You DO need to have a valid Club Year selected as the Current Club Year in the main toolbar before using this utility so that the database will know what clubs are available and what themes to copy.
FAQs / How do I get a detailed report for a student?
« Last post by Annette on February 14, 2022, 03:43:03 PM »
This post is applicable in the Cloud database's Windows App as well as in the Legacy database.

Question: Our Awana program stops with T&T. We have a student that is finishing the program at another church. They have requested his complete records so that they have all information for when they order the Citation award in the future. When we used to do everything on paper, I would just give the student their T&T Achievement Record cards. This had all their handbook info and any awards received. Is there a report(s) that I can print for an individual that has this same information?

Answer: Yes. The Member Profile Report is what you are looking for.
FAQs / How do I get my database window back on screen?
« Last post by Annette on February 14, 2022, 03:35:18 PM »
This post is applicable in the Cloud database's Windows App as well as in the Legacy database.

Question: After I sign in, the screen disappears and never comes back. You can see that the application is running in the tray at the bottom and when you place the mouse on it you can see a blank screen. The problem is that I cannot get that screen back up on the monitor and the only command that it will accept is to close the window. How do I get to my database?

Answer: In this situation, the main database window is probably opening off the screen. To retrieve it:

Press Alt+SpaceBar.
Then press 'M' (keyboard shortcut for 'move').
Use the arrow keys to relocate it/bring it back onto the screen.
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