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FAQs / What are the "w/Start Zone" books?
« Last post by Annette on September 30, 2020, 11:53:19 AM »
Question: What is the difference between the "Discovery of Grace" book and the "Discovery of Grace w/Start Zone" book?

[Note: all information also applies to the AW Legacy database.]

Answer: For all of the newer T&T books, awards are give when 4 sections are completed. For the 32 sections that result in the 8 awards, 2 are in the Start Zone and 30 are in the main handbook.  Awana indicates that completion of the Start Zone is required before beginning work in the main handbook. Therefore, when 2 sections are completed in the main handbook (i.e. Discovery of Grace), it is assumed the 2 Start Zone sections have already been completed and the first award triggers.

We heard from clubs that said it was not uncommon for a clubber to work in the main handbook before completing the entrance book, so the award that triggered after 2 sections in the main handbook was not accurate since the 2 Start Zone sections had not actually been completed.

We also heard that it would be easier to assign one book that included the Start Zone sections instead of assigning a separate Start Zone.

The result was the new "w/Start Zone" versions of the books.  These books have 32 sections - the 2 Start Zone sections and the 30 main handbook sections.  The first award will trigger after any 4 sections are completed without consideration of it being a Start Zone section or a section in the main handbook.

If I use the "w/Start Zone" version, will my inventory counts be updated correctly? Yes. If the option to reduce inventory is used, the inventory count will be reduced for the Start Zone's inventory record that matches the translation of the main handbook.  (i.e. if "Discovery of Grace w/Start Zone - ESV" is assigned, the "Mission: Discovery of Grace - ESV" inventory qty in stock will be reduced as well as the qty in stock for the "T&T Start Zone Entrance Booklet - ESV".)

Should I use the "w/Start Zone" version? The decision to assign a separate Start Zone along with the main handbook or to use the "w/Start Zone" version is dependent on how your club is run.  Here are some considerations:

1. If you always require completion of the Start Zone, you can assign the separate Start Zone and main handbook and not have any issues with the award triggering.

2. If you do not require completion of the Start Zone, or a clubber begins working in the main handbook first, use the "w/Start Zone" version so it accurately counts 4 sections before triggering the first award. Caution: if you don't actually give the clubber the handbook, be careful about options for creating fees and reducing inventory.

3. Example: at the beginning of the year, for returning clubbers who are likely to complete the Start Zone sections and continue on to the main handbook (who have probably already purchased the main handbook), assign the "w/Start Zone" version with the appropriate inventory reduction and fee creation.

4. Example: for a visitor who may only come once or twice, assign the Start Zone by itself. Then, if the clubber does complete it and is ready to begin work in the main handbook, assign the original version of the main handbook at that time.

Do all my clubbers need to use the same version of the book? No. You can assign the "w/Start Zone" version to some clubbers and assign separate Start Zones and handbooks to others based on the situation. Just keep in mind the implications for the different way the sections are counted for awards.
Q&A / Re: Window Client - Archived Clubbers
« Last post by Annette on September 29, 2020, 09:39:40 AM »
The Clubbers and Leaders grids will only show members that have a role in the current club year.  To find members that do not have a role in the current year (like graduated or archived members), you have two options:

1. The quickest way to find a specific person is to use "Search Members" in the Main Menu at the very top. (NOT Search Clubbers or Search Leaders above the grids in those modules).  Type part of the person's first or last name.  If there is only one match, the Member record will open.  If there are several matches, a list will be given for you to select from to open the Member record.

2. There is a button above the Clubbers grid you can use to "Show All Persons".  This will populate the grid with everyone in your database.  The information in the grid is limited (no role information such as grade and team details), but you can find a person in the list and open the member record.  To return to the usual list of clubbers, click on the grid options (gear) and select "Reset the grid layout".
Q&A / Re: Windows Client - Read-Only
« Last post by Annette on September 29, 2020, 09:30:06 AM »
Are you saying that you can't change the Status of a person (who is currently "Graduated") because the Status is read-only?  If so, I'm guessing this is a graduated clubber who is now going to be a leader so you need to activate the record again.  In the Windows App the status is derived based on the role for the current year.  A graduated person would not have a role in the current year.  What you need to do is create one.  On the Main tab of the Member form, in the Roles grid, double click to add a role. Complete the dialog and Save and Close. The Status will now be set to Active since the person has an active role in the current club year.

If that doesn't take care of it, give me more details on what is read-only that you need to edit.
Q&A / Window Client - Archived Clubbers
« Last post by Secretary Sue on September 29, 2020, 07:51:49 AM »
How do I access and activate archived clubbers?
Q&A / Windows Client - Read-Only
« Last post by Secretary Sue on September 29, 2020, 06:02:45 AM »
What are the steps to take in Windows Client to change a clubber's records from read-only to editable? In this case I was working on a graduated clubber.
Q&A / Re: Divorced parents = child has 2 homes = need to email both parents
« Last post by DebLiveOak on September 28, 2020, 09:50:44 AM »
That did work. For some reason, I assumed it would only pull the "primary" email and never ran it for the purpose of verifying that assumption. But I just ran it and saw both parents in the email box. And I also verified that if I run a clubber report for their Awana leader it will also show both phone numbers and email addresses. Now to just figure out the mailing address.   ;D
FAQs / Can I add historical information (data from previous years)?
« Last post by Annette on September 28, 2020, 09:23:01 AM »

I just started using the AW Cloud database this year. How do I go back and add previous Club years so I can have a record of the attendance, books, etc.?

Answer: You should NOT run the New Year Setup to create "old" prior year dates, but you can and should enter historical information related to handbook completion.  The process of adding this historical information in the Windows App is the same as in the Legacy database. See this post for details:

Q&A / Re: Cumulative Sections and Awards
« Last post by MaureenCooper on September 24, 2020, 07:49:46 PM »
That did it.  Honestly, I don't know what I did previously.  I can't even find it now.  Thank you so much.
Q&A / Re: Divorced parents = child has 2 homes = need to email both parents
« Last post by Annette on September 24, 2020, 01:47:07 PM »
First, I assume you are using the Gather E-mail addresses and Textible Phone Numbers tool.  If you are using the selection by Household Status, you are correct that it will only return the primary email. However, if you use the specific selection criteria (Club Name, Member Type, etc), it will find any linked emails to someone meeting the criteria. So, the key will be how you set up your contact records.  I tested this for one family, so I think it will get you what you want. Here's the example:

Say James is a Sparks clubber in this 50-50 situation and you need to be sure the email goes to both parents.  In the Member Form, open the contact record.  In the row that has Mom's email, set the Member Link field to James.  Also in the row that has Dad's email address, set the Member Link field to James.  When you gather email addresses for Sparks clubbers, it will find any email address linked to a Sparks clubber, in this case James, so both email addresses will be returned.

If there are multiple children in the same household in the same situation, say Jonah is a T&T clubber in the same family also 50-50, you would need another set of records with Mom's email linked to Jonah and Dad's email linked to Jonah so when you gather addresses for T&T clubbers it will also get both addresses.

The process removes duplicate email addresses, so if you run it for "All Clubs" and "Clubber" or "Sparks and T&T" and "Clubber", you should only get Mom's address once and Dad's address once even though they are linked to two clubbers.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!
Q&A / Re: Cumulative Sections and Awards
« Last post by Annette on September 24, 2020, 01:27:07 PM »
I'm not sure what you are doing wrong since you didn't give many details on where/how you were changing the sequence. The fact that you aren't seeing the Emblems as a choice tells me you're probably not in the right place. I assume you are using the new Grace in Action (2020) books (or the w/Start Zone version).  In that case, here is where you should be changing the information:

Go to Admin > Curriculum; expand the records for Truth & Training; open the generic book record. Then, go to the Cumulative Section Awards Tab. The default award set is probably Emblems.  For the emblems, the default order of triggering is blue, green, red, yellow. If you want red to trigger first, change the record for section count of 4. Then change section count of 8 to the one you want to trigger next, etc.  You can also change the order for the UC1 Emblems and the UC2 Emblems if you are using those.

If this doesn't get the job done for you, give me some details on where you are changing information and I'll investigate.
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