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Title: WebApp Suggestion #2
Post by: Awana@CBVB on August 26, 2016, 04:18:35 PM
Note: This post only applies to the Cloud database!

I am not a developer nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn anytime recently so I am speaking out of ignorance.

With the upcoming release of the windows desktop client that connects to the cloud data, I am wondering how hard it would be to put out a MacOS version?  I have two secretaries that do not have a windows computer at home and rely on some very old donated Windwos laptops (running Vista no less) that we have to offer at church.  The possibility of them having a desktop client so they could access the data in a familiar format to them would be really nice.

I am aware that they can use the web version for now but they would appreciate the familiar format and functions of the old database they are used to.

Obviously this would require someone to know how to code and write a program in Swift or whatever they use for MacOS but with the user base growing, I am sure it would be helpful to many others and there may be a few who would be willing to jump in and help with the project.  I would offer to but lack the experience.

Just a suggestion for consideration...
Title: Re: WebApp Suggestion #2
Post by: Rick Leffler on April 12, 2019, 10:11:28 AM
Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to create another version of the Windows Remote Client app that will run on the native Mac OS.  Our recommendation for Mac users is to run one of the popular virtual machine utilities like "VMWare Fusion" or "Parallels Desktop", then a Mac user can run ANY Windows app inside this virtual machine.