Author Topic: How to split a club into two clubs, one for boys another for girls  (Read 2086 times)

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How to split a club into two clubs, one for boys another for girls
« on: September 14, 2009, 09:36:53 PM »
This video demonstrates how you can split an existing club, T&T for example, into a T&T Boys club and a T&T Girls club.

Here are instructions:

Go to Admin > Club Setup > Club Names, Logos, Dues and Points. Edit the Club Name field for the Base Club of Truth & Training from T&T to T&T Boys. Click Save. There will be an information dialog that says all records with a value of T&T will now be T&T Boys.  This does include the girls also, but that is ok for now. Click OK.

Click on the "New Club" button. There will be a confirmation dialog asking if you are sure and suggesting alternatives in case you are just wanting to rename a club. Read the details and choose YES.

In the New Club setup dialog, type in the new Club Name, "T&T Girls", and select Truth & Training as the Base Club. Select the top radio button in the Club Calendar section and select T&T Boys as the club to copy dates and values from. Click "Create the new club" and when it completes, close window.

You will see the new T&T Girls club. You can right click on the T&T Boys logo, then copy and paste into the blank field of the T&T Girls club. Now you will have 2 clubs with a BASE CLUB of Truth and Training: T&T Boys and T&T Girls.

Click the tab for Club Assignments. The grade and gender determine where clubbers are assigned. For the Females in grade 3, 4, 5, and 6 select T&T Girls from the club name drop down list. [The boys should already be assigned correctly based on the name change.] There will be a confirmation that indicates how many clubbers were changed for each record.

Any leaders that were assigned to T&T are now assigned to T&T Boys, so for leaders who are serving in T&T Girls, the role information will need to be changed on the member form.

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