Author Topic: Our main driver is down. Is there any way I can access the Awana Data base witho  (Read 231 times)

Rita Reagan

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Is there any way I can access the Awana data base without going through our internal drive?  I need to print out reports and our system is set up to go through out s drive.

Rick Leffler

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I'm guessing what you are saying is...  your live database is located on a network drive, and that network drive is not accessible?  If so, then you will not be able to access your data.

One option might be: locate your AWdb Backup file (ends with .bkp) which hopefully has been written to a USB flash drive, a local drive, or any other location than the usual live network drive.  If you can get the backup, you can restore that to your local C: drive and then you will be able to access all the data contained in the backup (hopefully it's recent).

If you can locate an AWdb Backup file and need help restoring it, please send email to support at leffler systems dot com.
Rick at Leffler Systems
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