Author Topic: How can I reset a locked club that was checked-out to a secondary database?  (Read 1189 times)

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It seems we have lost the USB flash drive that contains our Sparks club in a checked-out secondary database.  Since we can't check the secondary database back in, the Primary database still has all of our Sparks records locked.  

How can we reset a locked club so it's no longer considered as checked out?

Log into the Primary database.  Go to Admin > Database Utilities and open the Check-out/Check-in dialog.  Click either button in Step 1, then in the Step 3 list of Existing Groups, right-click the group you want to reset. You will see a popup menu.  Select "Reset and unlock all records in the selected Secondary db". This will release the locks in the Primary database.

Note: If you DO reset a club like this and later find the formerly lost USB flash drive, you will NOT be able to check it back in.  You should erase the Approved Workman folder on the secondary USB flash drive so that no-one accidentally gets into that old copy of your database.
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