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How do I use the Registration Window?
« on: August 13, 2013, 03:19:59 PM »
The registration window allows you to perform many of the common registration tasks from one dialog.  Here is an overview:

Open the Registration Window.  Select one member of the family on either the main Clubber Grid or the Check-in Grid, or identify the household on the main Household Grid.  Right click the target row and from the pop-up menu select "Open Registration Window" or use the button on the toolbar which looks like a pencil on a single piece of paper.

Step 1 - Review Household and Member Info {See screen shot below.}

1. Update the household information.  Changes can be made directly to the household information, such as address or family church.  To change or add contact information such as e-mail or phone, double click in the Contact Info section to open the E-contacts dialog.

2. Register members.  There is a separate tab for clubbers and leaders in the family.  To register a member, simply click the box in the "Register" column.  This will set the Status to "active", create the Fee for Dues and set the permission checkboxes based on your choices. {To set these, go to Admin > Options > Registration Form and Reports > Permission Defaults}.  New members for this family may be added using the "New Clubber (in this HH)" button.

3. Assign Handbooks and Uniforms.  Select a clubber; review the new Club Assignment, the Current Book Assignment and Current Uniform to see if a new handbook or uniform needs to be assigned. If needed, use the Assign Handbook and/or Assign Uniform buttons just above the grid to open the appropriate Assignment Dialog.

4. Update medical/insurance information.  Review the medical and insurance information in the lower grid.  To change or add information, double click on a member to open the individual member record.  Update the Medical Information on the member's Misc Tab then Save and Close the member record.

When all information is complete, continue to the Step 2 tab.

Step 2 - Review Fees and Post Payments

1. Review the fees.  You may edit a fee by double clicking on the row or using the "Open the selected fee" button.  If you need to add additional items, like a book bag, you may add those using the "Create a new fee record" button.

2. Post payments.  Enter the payment type, amount, etc. and choose how to apply the payment.  Note: there is a new option to "EVENLY distribute the payment to the selected fees".  This may be useful if you would like to apply a discount to a family and have it equally credited to the dues fee for each clubber, for example.

3. Print a report.  At the top of the form are "Print the HH Account Statement" and "Print the HH Registration Form" buttons.  The HH Registration Form includes the option to "Display a summary of Fees and Payments in the Office Use area" (look in the lower right corner of the report dialog - the default is "checked").  This may then be used as a receipt of payment, or a bill for unpaid amounts.

When finished, use Save and Close.  Select another family to register.

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