Legacy Database


Some clubs may prefer a solution that does not depend on an Internet connection and instead stores their data locally. The Legacy Database is the original AWdb software program that stores data on your personal device (PC, laptop, or USB drive) and does not require an internet connection (except to periodically download updates).

Depending on club size and organization, there are a variety of ways to configure a Legacy Database. Below are some suggestions; however, adjustments can be made as needed.

Single User - This simple setup works for small clubs where a single Awana secretary handles all of the recordkeeping. The database can be installed on a desktop or laptop computer for one user at a time. In cases where the single user needs to work on the database from more than one computer (for example, one at home and one at church), it can be run directly from a USB flash drive.

Multiple Users - Larger clubs with multiple secretaries can purchase additional licenses and use USB flash drives with the Database Check-out / Check-in feature for non-networked, multi-user functionality. Here's how it works:

From the Primary Database, one secretary uses the "check-out" procedure to create a Secondary Database for one or more clubs on a USB flash drive then gives the flash drive to another secretary for use on a different computer. Once the secretary with the Secondary Database is finished with data-entry, the flash drive is returned. The work done in the Secondary Database is then synchronized back into the Primary database through the "check-in" procedure.


  • Track Check-in details (attendance, uniform, book, etc.)
  • Track Handbook completion
  • Automatically triggers awards
  • Track members by Households
  • Print reports
  • Track Inventory
  • Easily analyze data using Grids
  • Track customized Points
  • Track Fees and Payments
  • Many ways to customize

NOTE: The Windows App used with the Cloud Database is designed based on our Legacy Database. Features and screenshots will be similar to those shown for the Windows App.


A single-user license is a one-time $200 charge. Each additional license is $50. The initial purchase includes one year of support (which includes technical support and all software updates) through July 1 of the following year. After the first year, we offer an option to renew the annual support plan at a cost of $120/year.


Currently using the Legacy Database? Renew your Support Plan.


For a 30-day free trial of the Legacy Database, please contact customer support.



The AWdb Forum is a great resource for answers to frequently asked questions and is the place to submit feature requests and bug reports. You'll be able to watch training videos, ask questions and share information with a community of other AWdb users.

User Guide

You can view the AWdb User Guide in two different ways:

  • The PDF version of the User Guide is suitable for printing, but is over 300 pages so you may want to read it on-screen and only print select pages as needed. One advantage of reading on-screen is that you can use the hyperlinks within the document. If you want to download and save a copy of the PDF version, right-click the link above and select "Save target as.." and then select the folder where you want to save the file. (We recommend you put this in your Approved Workman folder.) Once you have this AWdbUserGuide.pdf file in your local Approved Workman folder, you can open it from AWdb's Main Help menu.

  • The online/HTML version has the familiar left pane navigation tool which makes it easy to expand and collapse topics and get the big-picture view of the document. You can also use the hyperlinks to jump from one topic to another quickly.





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