This site is dedicated to the Approved Workman Database (AWdb), a software program designed to meet the recordkeeping needs of Awana* clubs.

Why use the Approved Workman Database in your club?

Eternally significant opportunities abound as we minister to children in Awana clubs. Our ultimate goal is to help kids to know God and His Word and encourage their spiritual growth by learning and applying Scripture. Unfortunately, the myriad records we keep track of to help our clubs run smoothly can take a lot of time and energy and distract us from this important goal. Becoming more efficient with our recordkeeping allows us to invest more time and energy into the spiritual lives of the children we serve.

The Approved Workman Database helps club secretaries reduce their recordkeeping burden, and helps leaders spend more of their precious time in ministry to the children instead of completing paperwork. Use the links above to learn more about the program's functionality and read some of the testimonials we've received.

You're invited to download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial version and explore the comprehensive functionality and see for yourself how user-friendly the software is. The program's functionality has grown significantly over the past few years and there are many exciting enhancements in the works! If you haven't tried the Approved Workman Database yet, or only saw an early version from a few years ago, I encourage you to download the latest free trial version and have a look.

Thanks again for your interest and support of the Approved Workman project. We look forward to continuing our work and striving toward our common goal of reaching kids for Christ.

     Best Regards,
     Rick Leffler,
     Leffler Systems LLC


Progress on the WEB version!

We've started uploading some short videos demonstrating our progress on the AWdb Web app. If you're interested, use the Forum link above and then click "Videos".

Version has been released.

If your version of the database is less than, you should log into AWdb and click Help > Check for updates and then follow the instructions you'll see.

Need a flyer to share info about AWdb?

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Take a Tour!

Getting a sneak peak at the Approved Workman Database has never been more fun! Take an interactive tour to see the many features that make this database application so popular for keeping Awana club records.

Purchasing or Renewing is Simple!

We accept Credit Cards online via PayPal. You can purchase the software, add licenses, or renew your support plan using online transactions. Of course, you can pay via a check in the mail if you prefer!

Download the free trial version

Not using AWdb yet? Download a free 30-day trial and check it out.

Approved Workman Forum

The Forum is a great resource for answers to frequently asked questions and is the place to submit feature requests and bug reports. You'll be able to ask questions and share information with a community of other AWdb users. Join us!