To begin using the Approved Workman Database (AWdb) download and install the trial version for free. Once you decide to use AWdb in your club, purchase a license. (There are no refunds.) We will email you a license key that will allow you to continue using the installed software without losing any data. If more users need to be logged into the database at once, purchase additional user licenses. After the first year, renew your maintenance and support plan to get the latest Awana catalog and curriculum changes, along with other AWdb bug fixes and enhancements. Keep reading if you'd like more details.



Download a fully functional 30-day trial version of AWdb and see for yourself how comprehensive and easy it is to use. This trial version includes sample data so you can immediately explore the various modules and run sample reports. It also includes support for up to 5 concurrent users to allow you to test the database in a multi-user installation. If you require more than 5 concurrent users, please contact us and we will increase the user count for you. After using the sample data to become familiar with the many features, use the data-purge utility to remove the sample data and begin entering your own live club data.

The desktop version of AWdb can currently only be installed and run on a Windows Operating System. If you need to run AWdb on a Mac, you must either install a virtual machine running Windows first or purchase a subscription to the web version of AWdb instead.

Once you decide for sure that you'd like to make a purchase, place your order. (There are no refunds.) When we receive your order, we will email you a full license key that will allow you to continue using the installed software without losing any data you entered during the trial period.

If you have already downloaded AWdb, purged the sample data and entered LIVE data, do NOT download and install this trial version again, since it will overwrite your data. You should apply updates instead by logging into your existing AWdb and clicking Help > Check for updates.

Single-User License


This license permits you to install and use AWdb on any single computer or on a single USB flash drive. It is intended for a single database installation that will be used to track data for your entire club. You can (and should) create separate user accounts for each person who needs access to the database, but only one person at a time will be able to log in.

Multi-User License

$200 for first user + $50 for each additional user

This license permits you to install AWdb on:

  1. A network file server (or a shared folder accessible on a networked PC) to allow access by two or more users concurrently. The number of users that may be logged in simultaneously is determined by the user count of your purchased license.

  2. Non-networked computers. The number of computers that you may install onto is determined by the user count of your purchased license. See the "Multiple users without a network" feature description to learn more about the preferred way to share data between non-networked computers. Even if you choose to duplicate AWdb so that sub-clubs (Cubbies, Sparks, and T&T for example) can enter/edit their own data on separate PCs (NOT recommended), you would need a three-user license.

If your church organization has multiple campuses with separate Awana clubs at each location, a separate single or multi-user license is required for each location.

Additional User Licenses

$50 per user

If you already have a registered copy of the software and need more users accessing the database at once, you should purchase an additional user license for each additional concurrent user needed.

Maintenance & Support

$120 per year, after first year

The initial purchase price includes full support and immediate access to all updates and enhancements until July 1 following the current club year. In order to continue getting the latest Awana catalog and curriculum updates, along with software updates and support, you should renew your maintenance and support plan each year. If you purchase the software after January 1, the support plan renewal cost will be pro-rated.

For your convenience, we will send an invoice offering you the option of renewing your maintenance and support plan approximately 30 days prior to July 1.

If you decide to not renew one year, your account will become inactive. You may reinstate an inactive account to get technical support and any software updates that you've missed for $200.00.